Narco Debut

by Narco Debut

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released June 11, 2013

Sean Heiss - Guitar
Bobby Lower - Drums
Kenny Micek - Bass
Eric Pachota - Guitar, Vocals

Mick Maslowski // Zoinga Recording
Eric Kasprowicz // Artwork


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Narco Debut Michigan

"Utilizing lots of space to lend to the potency of their emotive drive, Narco Debut are rising stars of the Detroit area. Clever, meaningful lyrics, and melodies are complimented by a decisively relatable archetype."

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Track Name: In Frustrate
Circle back around / I shouldn't detour now.
I'll sell them somebody.
And what you are to me now.
Action all around / I shouldn't detail now.
Ration all aloud.
No, I'll sell them somebody.
Enough to settle the know-it-all.

All you do is sell them somebody.

We laughed up our respect, continually growing up.
And I'll be around.
And I'll touch you.
Trust me, got it all down.
He should run like it's the first time.
Go it all pulled out, in this aration I allow.
I wish to be all you are.

"Go on and tell me about the run."
I retake it like the first time.

I'm rattled, alive.
Track Name: Apologia
Ever Low is on the road to better-coast again.
Armor Love, bitter fortuned.
Soul, came back again, as they say...
"Oh my God, my mistakes."

You've got me, one arm tied.
Outlaw, I will love your all.
Said don't let me go, again.
I will let you all say, don't let me go.
She knows that.

I have gone.
Left her room, tonight.
My soul, gone, a wreck again.
This is a long time, telling you there's a ghost.
Coming back again.
I settled down, I sell them all.

Let her go.
Let her back again.
I'm telling you this, time tipping my soul:
"I'm not going, Armor Love."
"I'm not going, Ever Low."
"I'm not going, Armor Love."
You're not going home.
Track Name: Romania
I'm sick of the charity words and my fear of the fire.
Of your lack of an inner sense...
Focus, forget the absent friend, the one who's never around.
No I don't recall.
No I don't remember you at all, but I watch out and I do what you tell me.
I do what you told me... Ha.
We are all tied up, but I watch out and I do what you tell me.
I sell what you sold me.

Where did you go?
Track Name: Fair Haven
I told you this will be my falling.
The sets of lies.
I should warn you all, the questions downpour and undermine...
But the response was like an anvil, so hold my rope and let me float down the five stories I fall.

This is your last night home.
Would you go out alone?
This is your last night home.

So this is what we talk about?
So this is where we talk it out?

I assume the storm tossing me around bears solace.
Only you are drowning.
Track Name: The First and Only Time You Were Right
If I'm unsure, and a little poor I'd appreciate a good what for to the side of my head, make sure you know... that I'm not dead.
So I can go on and on, give a little bit but still hold back about an inch.
But, I forget...
No, I'll admit we should have been better then this.

She said your tattoos are overrated but, it's the stupid shit that you are infatuated with that lifts me up and I'm not afraid to smile, but...

We hold on to memories.
They play a part in all of the ugly.
We toy with the memories.
And if you've got the beauty, well this is the end.

Look out for love and her disconcerted proportions, in her battle warned sores, in performing for her form.
It's the body that wants but it lets up scared, as it stumbles.
It lets up like a car crash, causes a scene of broken glass and bloodied hands.

If we gave up together, we'd be tied by the waist.
We grew up together, we are tied by the waist.

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