Strange & Ever​-​Changing Depths

by Narco Debut

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Ahmonquest thumbnail
Ahmonquest Funnily enough, I didn't care for this album much when it initially came out. I've recently fallen in love with it after checking it out again though. One of my favorite recent rock albums. Peace from the other side of the state :) Favorite track: Wanderlush.
SkwatKoff thumbnail
SkwatKoff These guys rule, nice proggy rocky poppy blends Favorite track: Church Bells & Cemetery Rules.
Joe Birkin
Joe Birkin thumbnail
Joe Birkin Had this track on repeat for days, absolutely love the build-up. Best album of 2019 for sure. Favorite track: Azulita.
solidbox1 thumbnail
solidbox1 I honestly can't put down this record. its been on repeat since it's release. I have been following them for a bit and so I was already hyped about this release, but this album actually blew away my already high expectations. My favorite moment being the lead in from lck +10 into wanderlush, which is easily my favorite song in the bands entire discography. this band really deserves more recognition. Favorite track: Wanderlush.
Sequence thumbnail
Sequence 2019 had quite a few good alt rock + post-hardcore releases, but this is definitely my top pick. The instrumentals manage to be technical & fun, but also simple to digest at the same time. The vocals are equally complex and have an extremely unique cadence, tone and feel, while still managing to be catchy. Vitriol Fits hits you like a semi-truck at 150 mph, & has my favorite 'breakdown' of the year. Then it's followed up by CB&CR, which is one of the best closer (and overall) songs in the genre Favorite track: Church Bells & Cemetery Rules.
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Wait to tell opportune Remembrance Unless you're so honest you quote Censorship. I'm the wretched window of a god and I'm infatuated with the marks. Operator: give me more. A systematic call. A domino, And I should give in. Change your law. Article re-document. So optical. I would have mocked your alphabet. I should be dead. No operator: to give me more. Destroy with Dilaudid. Retrace footsteps out the door. Wake up. "What did you do?" "If i died then..." Wake up. "What did you do?" "If I died here unanswered for..." Please wake up. "What did you do?"
Somehow I still hit my head. I guess that's the way that things go. Should I have gone feet first instead? No splash, you're unknown. Thinking the way I dove... I should've went shallow. At least you know you won't drown. Yeah your feet touch the ground. Now you know. You bastard of the past, you know-it-all. I step stuttering, stumbling home. Patients you lost but never own up to, You just send them home. Thinking the way I dove... I should've went shallow. At least you know you won't drown. Yeah your feet touch the ground. Now you know. Plant your feet touch the ground. You know, I'll quit you tomorrow. I'll leave this tomorrow. I'll miss you tomorrow. Due down, Wait around and you'll see. Thinking the way I dove. You've been a bastard, you know? Are you an angel? Are you the answer? Dance foreign angel. Worst of all my hassles remain you. I'll quit you tomorrow. I'll leave this tomorrow. I'll kill this tomorrow. Due is down, Wait around and you'll see.
Yukon 04:37
Dance to the way she'll perform at a costume ball -- yeah that's my impression of you. Bank on a life all your own. Now, now. But I found out, It all. You ought to know your burial. You want it all So you carry on. Yeah you! You want it all. Better break your silence for some harmony, barely. Formally passing by. You grow so sad and lonely like a thief as if you're out of time or lines and I decide if I should maybe dot a line or maybe run awry. In time, feel like a quarter bet. Where's the choice in this? Where's the choice when you want it all? Another way to save your voice. Another way to take your time. Another way to make some noise. Another way to say you're right like always. You want it all. Like always. Like always. Like always you want it all. “Ready?” “Yeah, cut it.”
Better change the way she thinks You couldn't do. Somehow adolescent things we loved are loving you. How now? You ought to give us a call. Nothing to chance but missing out. Settle the course Head is arranged For nothing. She'll change her view. They say I should change a flaw to fight and erase this song. Oh the ways to save your love, In arts of jest. Over sold. Give us a call. Nothing to say, Weren't with me now. Where was the choice? Settle the course And pray. Matter on the front. If that'll get me worshipping then good to know. And when you're wrong, You bend the arm. They only said you're off, Alone. A bitch of knowing everything. A chemical is who you are. It's who you are. Give us a call. Nothing to chance but missing out. Fall into line, Savor the rite And now you Wanna cast a love in all The flaws absolved in you. In doubt. Give me a choice. Bottle the choice. For nothing. If they should change the way I fall unto someone... because she says lessons that will bury you. Oh the lesser choice. You had me matter on the front. If that'll get me worshipping then good to know. And when you're wrong, You bend the arm. They only said you're off, Alone. A bitch of knowing everything. A chemical is who you are.
LCK +10 00:59
You're building campfires all over the bay To keep unwanted noises out. I ask if this is really necessary. "I hope to God it keeps you away." You're like a sailor in the old sense. Border-hopping every continent. If wanderlust? She took a bus, yeah. I hope to God it keeps you away.
Wanderlush 03:45
What ever happened to indifferent, Doll? Like I'm so wonderful. "Yeah you're so wonderful." Yeah yeah. I want a chance to make a queen consort. So watch me make an offer And when you ask for more I'm gonna give you away. Don't I know you? And that's how you'll die. Relaxed speaking your mind. Don't I love you? Is that how you'll try to makeshift and Unwind and Give it away. Yeah I'm Gonna last Although I'm amateur Because I love the Shuffle. I step the Horn, the Gore. Yeah, yeah I... I got a chance to be a troubadour Licking the Boot, the Floor. Taking that crystal ball. Now watch it give you away. Coffins around me. They used to be yelling, Now they just whisper close. These are your last lines. Start slow and take time. Let yourself decompose. Now watch it give you away.
Azulita 03:21
I can barely breathe. I can bring you down. Ever Low is on the floor. She knows.
Fall sideways, To face you all the way down. Have disarray to know you. Don't back away. She don't love you anyway. And he don't love you anyway. Well... anyway. Fall sideways to show you: Don't back away. "We don't love you anyway." I want a chance at owning everything I couldn't own. I want to change, I want to bring precision. Thoughts? A poem? A rotten lesson? You hear anything I couldn't do? I want to change. I want to sense some sort of... "Disillusionment." But I've become so, you know... "Yeah, yeah." You know? "Typical." In your eyes I'm trailing off And I can't stand up. In your eyes I'm taking off But I can't stand up. You know you're so typical. And you're still tipping over.
"What are you holding on to?" I just don't know, Yet. I just don't know.
Vitriol Fits 03:21
I don't know you Chaperone. Messing world view. Cut scraped in tattered clothes, I forgot who I was. When you knew me, Mistaken cause. I ran. You run. Patients love you. Nursing the shattered bones. I'm catching your westward welfare. I'm missing a misanthrope. Oh shame, I forgave. I forgot who I was when you knew me.
Everyone let go. Hold your own, Pause. Reload. Halo arrows fall on me. Wake her. Shake her and let on. Everyone let go of all the rain songs that you tow. "Partner for partner Better for worse." Feelings of caution. An arrested home. On a radio, Hold. "Partner for Partner Better for worse." Feeling selected. Now to judge, In a raincoat. Halo arrows fall on me in deceit. Wake her. Shake her and let on. Too strong? I know you asked for it and now you're right. Hold tight, Hypocrites you all know a lesser wrong. Lesson taught. Yell loud enough to shake our hospital beds or I can hold my breath just to compete with him. You ought to let me in and let me begin. You owe me partner for partner, Better for worse.


Narco Debut:
Eric Pachota - vocals, guitar
Steven Mabry - drums, percussion
Kenny Micek - bass
Sean Heiss - guitar


released May 17, 2019

All songs written and performed by Narco Debut
Produced, engineered, by Kevin Dye at The Barbershop Studios
Produced, engineered, by Mick Maslowski at Zoinga Recording
Mixed by Kevin Dye at Teleportation Studio
Mastered by Mike Kalajian at Rogue Planet Mastering
Album Art by Kramphaus


all rights reserved



Narco Debut Michigan

"Utilizing lots of space to lend to the potency of their emotive drive, Narco Debut are rising stars of the Detroit area. Clever, meaningful lyrics, and melodies are complimented by a decisively relatable archetype."

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